Hello world! . . . it’s me, Mo

Hello to whomever in the world is reading this post!  It’s me, Mo.  Let me tell you a bit about myself:  I’m a recent college graduate and fledgling costume designer/make-up artist currently habitating in the asphalt jungle known as Los Angeles.  I like art, sewing, knitting, the colors red and green though not necessarily together, combing musty shops for vintage clothing, and consuming large quantities of home cooked food and red wine with friends old and new.  I dislike scary movies, licorice, and people who talk on their cell phones loudly in checkout lines.  Oh, and I’m fighting a bad case of wanderlust right now.

I’m brand new to this.  Blogging that is.  In fact, I’m almost as computer illiterate as my 80 year old grandmother.  Just figuring out how to navigate this site has been a considerable challenge so far.  Writing, however, is not so new.  My father is a well regarded journalist in the field of automotive journalism (ie- he writes articles about cars), so it runs through the blood.

Where my dad gets off on cars, I get off on traveling.  I love daydreaming and highlighting guidebooks, counting down the days until I can explore some new uncharted corner of the world.  For the big trips I’ve taken in the past few years I’ve kept meticulous, and sometimes hilarious, handwritten journals detailing my adventures.  In the last couple I branched out and did email updates.  These updates received such an overwhelmingly positive response that I’ve decided to take up this blog now.  I want to keep exploring this travel writing vein that I’ve tapped here on the internet and see where it leads.

I’m typing this now from my apartment in Jewtown, Los Angeles, better known as the Pico/Robertson area.  Obviously I’m not in a hostel in some far off destination with a different language and time zone.  But I can still write about travel even if I’m not abroad at the moment.  I plan to use the cyber pages of this blog to write about old travels, sometimes verbatim from my journals, plan new trips, share travel tips I come across, and perhaps on occasion talk about what is going on in my life.

Let’s conquer the world together, you and I!

Good Night and Happy Travels

3 thoughts on “Hello world! . . . it’s me, Mo”

  1. Mo! Based on the stories you tell of your travels, I’m excited to see them posted! If you’d like me to pimp this blog via the LLL Twitter page, let me know. What are you going to write about first?

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