Post a Week 2011

Hey there.  I’m back.  Again.

As you readers have undoubtably figured out, I am an individual with pretty high goals and ambitions.  As you might have also noticed, my follow through sucks.  I begin many projects and take ages to complete them, or sometimes I never finish at all.  Busy-ness within other areas of my life combined with my  own laziness and lack of willpower defeats me.  I know that it is just me standing in my own way.  I’m totally aware of that.

Today I stumbled across a group called the Daily Post that unites bloggers with a common goal: to publish one new post every day or week for 2011.  I realize that there’s only 3 months left of 2011, but it says on their blog you can post every time, so I’ve decided to join up.  My original ambition was to publish one new post every week, but as I’ve done 4 in a few months obviously I’ve been pretty bad at making that happen.  My thought is that by signing up with the good people at The Daily Post it will light a fire under my ass and help me to achieve this goal.  A post a day would honestly be a little much for me, I don’t even go online once a day and am not sure I want more internet in my life.  But sticking to my goal of a post a week for the rest of 2011, and then into 2012, would be pretty awesome.  So expect more from me in the future!  Happy October

Good Day and Happy Travels


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