First Impressions

So I’ve been in San Francisco almost two weeks now!  I really can’t believe it.  It’s been so whirlwind, and I feel myself starting to settle in.  Now’s the part where I stop feeling like I’m on vacation (with all my stuff around me) and start to feel like I’m actually living here.  That aside, I’ve pretty much been working nonstop since I got here.  There’s been a little exploration to Chinatown and the Mission, but I will detail that all in a post later this week.  I’m just glad to be getting so many hours.  The high costs of moving, combined with the moving violation that I got back in November and my lack of a second job have pretty much depleted my savings.

Like I said, later I will get into some of the finer details of the past few weeks (and hopefully post some much requested photos!) but for now I just want to lay down some early impressions of my new surroundings.

Some passing thoughts on life in San Francisco:

– produce here is so cheap and delicious!  In LA you had to go to expensive markets or farmers markets to get fresh fruits and veggies that were worth a damn, but the other night we made a trip to a cheap Mexican market in the Mission and made off with a bunch of bananas, an eggplant, a red bell pepper, a bunch of broccoli, baby carrots, and a few other things for a grand total of $10.63.

– sometimes living in Sunset is like living in a cloud.  Yes, it really does get that foggy.

– people up here say “Hella”.  A lot.  As in way too much.  Also less common is it’s perhaps more polite derivative, “Hecka”.  I can’t decide which I dislike more.

– public transportation is so easy!  The way it should be.  I could get used to this. . .

– . . . but I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to seeing gorgeous Victorian houses on a daily basis.  Sigh.  I want one so bad, but who knows if I’ll be able to afford one during my stay here.

– I can see the Golden Gate bridge on my drive home!  At one point, I crest a hill, and if the fog isn’t bad, there it is, winking at me in the distance.  Gee ma, I guess I really am in San Francisco!

That’s all for now, more “travels” to come!

Good Night and Happy Travels,


2 thoughts on “First Impressions”

  1. yaaaaaaay! great post! and so glad you are loving your new town and getting settled in 🙂

    i miss that crazy fog!

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