It’s Time For my Close-Up Now, Mr. Demille

It’s beginning to get a little crazy here in my corner of the world!  My life right now is theater, makeup and music.  My boyfriend, Zac’s life is political science, international relations, and nonstop studying.  I’m either covered in dirt climbing up a ladder or looking cute hawking cosmetics, and he’s reading 24/7.

Somewhere admist all of this crazy we found a few hours to do a photo shoot with our friend and neighbor Johnny.  Johnny is an amazing artist and photographer and is starting up a gig as a freelance wedding photographer.  He wanted to do some test shoots, and since we practically have no photos of the two of us more recent than our trip to Israel in 2010, we agreed to be his guinea pigs.

Once we got over the awkwardness of having a lens trained on the two of us, it was pretty fun!  The shoot took us around houses in our neighborhood, romping in Golden Gate Park, and finally Ocean Beach just in time for sunset.  I’m really happy with how the photos look and wanted to share some with you fine folks.  Johnny has a great eye and they are definitely not your traditional sappy romantic shots.

Enjoy!  More travels to come later!











Good Luck and Happy Travels,


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