Finally. . .

Finally, FINALLY I’m going to be doing some travel again.

As you all know, my name is Mo and I like to travel.  That’s why I started this blog.  Since starting it, I have discovered a new city, taken plenty of weekend trips, had fun rediscovering old adventures, and become part of a kick-ass blogging community here on wordpress.  I’ve also realized that I’m fairly good at this travel-writing thing, whatever the good people of the World Nomads writing scholarship thought.

I do have a few more small trips coming up this year.  Later this month, I will be taking a weekend trip with my favorite gang of Jewish gals from LA (expect tales fueled by wine).  And in the summer, Zac and I are planning a Gold Rush road trip, where we explore the many towns and Gold Rush sights up here in Norther California.  I’m a history buff and Western fan, so am super jazzed about that.  We wanted to take this trip over his winter break from school, but many of the places we wanted to visit would have snow and we are so unequipped for that.  I’m glad we waited, as it’ll be much more fun to see the sites in warm weather and we can do some camping and hiking as well.

But I also have bigger things in the works.

I have been really wanting to take another big trip (like my 7-week European extravaganza) again while I’m still in my twenties.  And I know what people say, you don’t need money to travel, you should just do it!  Um, yes, you do need money to travel, even if it’s a shoestring.  Perhaps if I didn’t have a car with car insurance or slept on someone’s couch or had no life, then I could take a big trip right now.  Otherwise, I just couldn’t see it happening for me anytime soon.

But on my birthday, I came into a bit of money when an investment account was turned over to me.  Even though I’ve been referring to said account as my “Riches”, it’s not very much.  I couldn’t buy a house or a car or anything of value with it.

But I can definitely take a trip.

After so much thought and agony, I’ve finally decided to go to Eastern Europe!

I was trying to decide between there and Asia (China, Mongolia, Japan, etc, not SE Asia) but decided I couldn’t beat the cheapness of Eastern Europe.  The decision was also helped by the fact that my good friend Sara will probably be there around the same time, my twin sister Mel is down to go with me for part of the trip, and that Zac might be in Turkey on a trip with his dad.  While I would like to make part of the trip on my own, I am such a social creature, and love the thought of discovering new places with my loved ones.

On my last trip to Europe, we stayed mostly west, only venturing to the east to hit up Prague and Krakow.  Those two cities were definitely highlights of the trip for me.  I didn’t realize how awesome Eastern Europe was.

This time, I want to hit up those cities again, but spend more time in Czechoslovakia and Poland.  Czesky Krumlov and Warsaw are also supposed to be awesome.

I also want to hit up Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, and meet Zac in Turkey of course.  Although it’s not really Eastern Europe, Greece would be cool too.  I was really into Greek mythology as a child and would love to see where that’s all from.  And this is probably a pipe dream, but I would love to go to Ukraine.  Our family immigrated from a town that no longer exists outside of Kiev, so it would be amazing to see where we come from.

World travelers, is there anything else I’m missing?  I’ve not yet begun to do proper research but I can’t wait to start sharing my progress with you all!

Easter European Extravaganza is set for Spring/Summer 2014.  I cannot freaking wait!

Good Luck and Happy Travels,


14 thoughts on “Finally. . .”

  1. Yay! Eastern Europe! Obviously, I am a little biased, but this part of the world is awesome! Your Gold Rush trip sounds really cool as well. I am a total history nerd myself (and also from the Western U.S. and a state rich in mining history–Utah) so that sounds right up my alley. Can’t wait to read about your adventures! If you want travel tips for Bulgaria, you know where to find me!

      1. We are actually moving back to the states this month. I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog yet, but I will be soon. HOWEVER, we may be here for a visit at the same time you are here and if not, well…still feel free to email me for BG travel tips! We might be of some help finding you places to Couchsurf as well.

  2. You should hit up Adam’s wife Lydia for Romania tips. Her sister’s been there a half dozen times & Lydia spent a few weeks there a couple of years ago. Also, we have a customer (Jason Pienkowski) who’s lived in Poland off & on and has traveled extensively there. He’d be happy to give you advice. My ex-roommate is Greek & just moved here a few months ago if you want Greece info & I also might have a Ukraine source:) Yay! Sounds fun!

    1. How awesome! I had no idea there was such a treasure trove of info within Lost Weekend. I will be sure to hit those people up! Thanks Christy!

  3. Mo! I don’t know how negotiable your dates are but I am definitely planning to do about a month in EE roughly July of 2014 (precise dates pending, but I’ll need to line it up with my summer break.) Obviously if you were willing to push it back ever-so-slightly I’d be thrilled to hang out with you (and Zac) there. I was interested in doing Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. I’d love to hit up Czesky Krumlov if I have time too….I’ll have to see how everything shakes out. How long are you thinking of staying in total?

    1. Yay! I want to do 6-8 weeks, all in EE. Mel wants to come for part of the trip too! My dates are pending based on Zac’s, but I think it’ll probably be June and July. I think it’s likely we’ll be able to do some traveling together!

  4. This sounds totally, totally awesome!!! I’m sooooo glad you’ve got another trip on the horizon. Maybe I’ll have a bit of a windfall and be able to meet you for part of it- who knows?? 🙂

    1. That would be sweet! Looks like Mel will be for part of it too. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole quad could be in the same place at the same time?

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