Women and Wine in Paso Robles

One of the things I’ve been most jazzed about going into 2014 is the amount of travel I plan on doing this year!  I got things going a few weekends ago with a girls’ weekend with my mom and sister in Paso Robles.

I’ve been to Paso a few times before, and I must say it is one of my favorite spots in California.  It’s about an hour away from California’s central coast, and it’s warm climate makes it a perfect wine region.  It’s funny, now that I live in San Francisco, you’d think I’d have gone to Napa or Sonoma – but I really have no interest.  Paso is so much less snobby, and I love driving it’s dusty back roads lined with scrubby little trees looking for quaint, personal family-run wineries.  Plus, Paso’s location is halfway between LA and San Francisco, so it’s a great spot to meet up with folks from back home.

Honestly, we didn’t do much that weekend.  Met up by the coast for lunch, checked out many wineries, some of which were old haunts and some new spots, ate delicious food, chilled out and spent quality time together.  Laughed a lot and talked nonstop, as Stone family women are wont to do when they see each other after months of absence.  So rather than give a full play-by-play of the weekend, I’ll leave you with a few photos and highlights!

Classic shot taken by my mother: “I need to get a picture of you too! Stand in front of the random dolphins!” My sister and I in the tiny beach town of Cayucos.
2014-01-18 16.18.32
Ladies who wine taste: Mom looks happy, Mel and I look more sardonic.
Cheeky wine tasting shot! We’re not real wine snobs, just pretending


Behind the bar at Tobin James, the “Wild West meets Party” winery. The bar is an antique mahogany oak bar from the 1860’s taken from a bar in Blue Eye, Missouri. That bar has seen some history!
Another picture of the Tobin James bar. I love the old globe lighting fixtures.

2014-01-19 12.04.40
One of my favorite wines from the weekend, the “Cheap Bastard” red blend from Mitchella. It was our first time at this winery, and we were very pleasantly surprised! I bought a bottle, as “cheap bastard” is practically my middle name, so it was very fitting.
2014-01-19 12.04.29
Cheese pairings at Mitchella
2014-01-19 11.55.21
I made a new friend! Gotta love wineries with animals, two of my favorite things!
2014-01-19 13.41.01
My sister took this picture of an old red barn on the property of an olive oil place. This picture right here shows what it feels like to be in this part of California: warm, dusty, rustic.
2014-01-19 13.21.49
Vintage Landrover near the barn.
2014-01-19 15.05.00 (1)
Old vintage stove at Tolo Cellars, one of our favorite wineries. This is the guy’s kitchen. He gets up in the morning, walks downstairs, hops behind the kitchen counter, and pours wine. The stove works too!

Well, that’s all for now folks!  It was a quick but enjoyable visit.  Expect greater things to come when Zac and I go on a road trip next week!  We’ll be venturing up to the chilly north to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Canada!   I’ve never been to either place so I’m super excited.  I just got my new passport in the mail and my first stamp is going to be Canada!!!

Good Luck and Happy Travels,



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