Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

Itinerary complete? Check.  Hostels, plane tickets, and travel routes purchased and mapped out?  Check.  Bags packed?  Check!!!

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve become pretty good at this travel thing.  I didn’t have to pack and repack my bag a million times, although I did take a few non-essentials out since it felt kinda heavy.  I’ve also figured out how to get from the airport in Istanbul to the place where I’m staying with Zac and his father.  I’m particularly proud of that, by the way.  I was looking up ways to get there and most websites said to take a taxi.  But taxis are kind of expensive when you’re just one person, and stories of ripoff taxi drivers in that part of the world abound.  But Istanbul looks to have a pretty great public transportation network, and this city girl can read a subway map!  Not to say that I probably won’t get lost, but I have maps of the metro and the walk to the hotel printed out, and the address written down so I feel as confidant as possible.  I’m definitely nervous, but hey, it will be an adventurous way to start off the trip!

The one thing I wasn’t able to do was print my boarding passes.  I think it’s because my passport that I originally used to purchase the plane tickets expired, so the number is not the same and they need to verify my identity.  Thankfully, my neighbor is giving me a ride to the airport, and we’ll leave a little early just to make sure everything goes well.  And I’ve been upgraded to United Mileage Explorer status, so I have some complimentary club passes to use in the airport!  High-roller status right here.

At 2:05 I will begin a 10-hour plane flight to Frankfurt, and have a layover there in the morning before the 4-hour plane flight to Istanbul.  Most people would be horrified at such travel times, but ever since I was a kid I’ve really enjoyed flying, so I’m looking forward to it.  Growing up as a twin, planes were how I got my alone time.  I have some good books packed that I’m looking forward to reading, and music and podcasts newly synced to my phone.

The only thing I don’t do on planes is sleep.  I’m just too excited!  I didn’t really sleep last night either.  Just too darn excited!!!  So maybe I’ll sleep on the plane?  One can only hope.  I do have some homeopathic anti-jetlag pills.  They’re awesome, I use them on every flight.  They are basically an herbal cocktail that helps to “take the edge off” the fatigue of jetlag.  I strongly recommend them for your next flight!

I really can’t believe this is happening right now.  I have been planning this trip for so long, and yet it still doesn’t feel real!  No doubt it will feel real tonight, alone with myself above the Atlantic, about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life.


photo (1)
This Mo is ready!

Good Luck and Happy Travels,


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