Dazzling Galapagos: a cruise around the islands

Besides writing my own blog, I read as many other travel blogs as I can, which serves to inspire and make me jealous at the same time! One pair of adventurers, Alison and Don, constantly astound and amaze me. For your reading pleasure, here is the first part of their tale of visiting the magical and mysterious Galápagos Islands! (Complete with stunning photos, of course)

Good Luck and Happy Travels,

Adventures in Wonderland

3-10 March 2014. Groaning our way out of bed at 3.30am we prepare for a 4.25 departure to Quito airport for the flight to Baltra to begin our cruise of the Galapagos Islands. At the airport we receive the sweet news that we’ve been upgraded from a porthole cabin to a ‘Junior Suite’ with big windows. On arrival at Baltra we have long wait for a bus and a short ride to the dock. We clamber into a rubber dinghy and travel over choppy seas. The dinghy, bouncing rocking rolling on the rough water pulls up to the side of our ship. Men on board hold ropes to keep the dinghy close. Others reach out their hands to pull us up. One by one we find balance enough to step up onto the side of the dinghy and then onto the stairs, fiercely grabbing hold of hands and/or railings and…

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