While working with refugees here in Izmir, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some remarkable people.

Zac recently wrote about a dear friend of ours, Nour, on his blog From Izmir with Love. Nour is one of the most passionate, dedicated people I’ve ever met, with a wicked, sharp sense of humor and a thirst for knowledge. She has an incredible story, one that has left her body damaged with a rare disorder but her mind stronger than ever.

Nour badly needs an operation in Europe, after which she hopes to finish her law degree so that she can go on to be a judge one day. Please read Zac’s wonderful, well-written account of Nour’s story, and donate at

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I met Nour at an anarchist collective in Basmane which serves as an unofficial hub for volunteers. For a couple months we would see each other from time to time and talk briefly, since I was always in a rush off to somewhere. The first thing I noticed about Nour was her English. Her English was remarkably good. The way she used it had an uncompromising sharpness to it, as if the words she used were still bright and fresh; untarnished by over generalization or cliche. Nour also had an unusually good memory. Sometimes I would see her weeks apart but she would pick up the conversation exactly where we had left off.

I didn’t know anything about her past, but when I decided to start a project of asking refugees for their stories, she was the first person that came in mind – mostly because her English was so…

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