Manazuru, Town of Sea, Citrus, and Stones

Last month, I had an amazing opportunity to join a media trip to the delightful seaside town of Manazuru in Kanagawa prefecture. As part of the town’s revitalization efforts, they are experimenting with various tourism schemes to showcase the area’s charms. My group got to go out on the open ocean and fish with local commercial fisherman, eat our fresh catch for lunch, and take a walking tour of the residential hillside and nearby forest with some knowledgable local guides. It was an incredible day and a wonderful chance to view life in this part of the world.

Subsequently, I published an article all about my experience in Manazuru and why it is a fabulous destination for visitors over at Japan Forward. I’m really proud of this piece, and you can read it here. However, I took a lot of photos that day, many of which could not be included in that article, so I’d love to share them with you as a photo essay.

A boat in colorful Manazuru Port.
Our ride for the day.
Heading out of the port.
Getting ready to fish.
My companions trying their hand at fishing.
This ugly orange fish is apparently quite rare, and expensive at the market.
I caught this!
Taking in the scenery.
My Fisherman Sensei, the man responsible for probably about half of my catches that day.
Tidying up.
The view of the port and the darling houses from high in the hillside.
One of the local-famous citrus tress that are cultivated in the area.
Crocheted dolls left as a good-luck talisman.
One of the many setomichi, or “back door roads” that connect houses in the steep hillside.
Retro old storefronts and postbox.
Another view of the ocean.

Stay Safe, and Happy Travels,


2 thoughts on “Manazuru, Town of Sea, Citrus, and Stones”

  1. Gorgeous photos Mo, and your beautifully written article totally convinced me. It’s exactly the kind of place I’d visit if I ever get back to Japan. And I’d love to go out on that boat! It reminded me of Ine, which has also preserved its village and way of life.

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