My Lovely San Francisco Apartment!

I’m one of those people that means it wholeheartedly when they say they will do something.  Trouble is, it just takes me forever to get around to doing it!  I’ve been getting lots of requests for pictures of the apartment, and now that I’ve been here almost 6 weeks I finally took a bunch.  Therefore, this post is not going to be a lot of talk, but you’ll get to see where I’ve been living and how nice it is!

Zac and I always have a lot of pride in our space.  Finding the apartment, moving in, and decorating for us are well thought out processes.  In other words, I’m quite happy with how the apartment turned out, and can’t wait to finally share it with you!

There were so many photos, so I uploaded them in a gallery instead of single pictures.  Just click on the small images to make them bigger.  A bit different from me, but I’ve been trying to take more pictures lately and I guess it paid off.  Enjoy!

Good Luck and Happy Travels