Why I Travel

Last week I wrote a quick de-brief spilling my thoughts and feelings upon return from my grand Eastern European adventure. My travel buddy and good friend, Jillian Walhquist, is a pretty kick-ass writer herself and wrote this post on travel. It sums up my feelings on the subject so perfectly! Give it a read, you will be glad you did!

Good Luck and Happy Travels,

Jill's Awesome Week

Before the 1960s, running for fun and fitness was something done by crazy jogging nerds in New Zealand. Running a marathon, or even a 10k, was not on the standard life achievement list and no one had even dreamed of ‘Couch to 5k’. In 1897, the first Boston Marathon only attracted 18 entrants. In 1972, the number had only edged up to 1,081 participants. This year, 35,671 people ran the Boston marathon. And in 2013 the United States hosted 26,370 running events and apps like ‘Couch to 5k’ have become a national phenomenon. Over the decades something in our national culture changed. Running for fitness or training for a race is no longer something for the elite athlete–it is a goal that empowers the average person, an activity that builds dedication and perseverance as well as a healthy lifestyle, and something that we encourage in our children from a very young…

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